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Recap : Re-Imagining Sarvodaya : Strategic Dialogue Initiative

Recap : Re-Imagining Sarvodaya : Strategic Dialogue Initiative

Re-imaginging Sarvodaya : A Strategic Dialouge Initiative (30 Sessions)

Synchronous to the unfolding unprecedented events, the Sarvodaya Institute of Higher Learning (SIHL) was mandated with the task of facilitating a strategic dialogue process coined as the ‘Re-Imagine Sarvodaya: A Strategic Dialogue Series’. This initiative was rolled-out before the first phase of lockdowns but continued virtually during the lockdown and in the subsequent period. The series spanned over a year. The re-imagining process was a fresh call to action when the mood and ambiance was hibernation and uncertainty as the lockdowns and the extraordinary nature of the pandemic not only restricted physical engagement but also affected lifestyle and mental wellbeing. The process also gave birth to the newly re-imagined purpose of Sarvodaya and rallied the participants who were from leadership backgrounds based at the headquarters to the grassroots community leaders. Meticulous consideration was given to craft a re-imagined Purpose Statement in an inclusive process. The purpose statement calls the Sarvodaya Community and the wider world to ‘build a just, sustainable and a compassionate social order that fulfils the basic human needs of the community through individual and collective awakening’.

Providing much-required stimulus to operationalise the Sarvodaya strategy to fit a challenging and ever evolving world, reminded and welcomed all those who were involved to awaken themselves at an individual and a collective parallel to not only face the unprecedented challenges but also to seek inspiration to discover unprecedented solutions and in this case COVID-19. Inspired by the process and the many soft skills that sharpened the participants on diverse themes such as building a purpose, leadership, strategic thinking, movement building, re-imagining village awakening, Sarvodaya leadership team had the opportunity to design short, mid, and long-term approaches to empower communities to face the extraordinary times and the events that may unfold due to the long-term effects brought about by COVID19. The series consisted of over thirty sessions with a diverse group of stakeholders.

Under the direct gudiance of Dr Vinya Ariyaratne, President of Sarvodaya Movement, Mr Peter d’Almeida (CEO) and Udesh Fernando (Director/Programmes) facilitated the Strategic Dialogue sessions.

The Re-imgained Purpose Statement of Sarvodaya