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Diploma in Sustainable Development (DSD-E)

For Development Professionals

Diploma in Sustainable Development (DSD)

DSD course mainly looks into the diverse aspects of Development Management. It is designed weighting the current discourses of International Development and related practices. The course will adapt innovative teaching methodologies along with components of experiential learning opportunities. the course consists of six core modules along with few optional modules which students can choose from.

Introduction and Course Modules

Course Duration : 09 Months

Medium of Instruction : English only (DSD-E)

Course Assessments and Examinations : 

Students will be assessed through individual assignments, field practicum, group assignments.

Students will face a Three hour written examinations for each module at the end of each semester.


Description of Course

Key Learning Outcomes and Skills

Insert Key Learning Outcomes for this Course.

Career Pathway

Entry level Junior Professionals can enhance their knowledge and skills in Sustainable Development and achieve career progression in the development field. Senior Professionals requiring the knowledge and skills to suit the rapidly changing development scene can engage in a broader academic engagement to refresh their existing knowledge. This course is taken by Students, Junior Professionals, Professionals, Military Personnel, Civil Society and NGO employees.

Entry Requirements


Three ordinary passes in GCE Advanced Level (A/L) Examinations or having completed a relevant Certificate Course in Sustainable Development are welcomed to apply for this course. Due to course regulations these academic qualifications are mandatory. One to One Interviews could take place to know you better and to understand your expectations before we admit students to the course.


Professional Entry Level requirements are not applicable to this course.

Course Fee : LKR 65,750/-

Bursaries and Scholarships:

We offer generous bursaries and scholarships on a merit basis and we welcome applicants to apply for financial assistance if they require so. Please fill in the relevant section of the application to indicate need for financial assistance.

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For more information on course contents you contact our Course Manager on udesh@sihl.edu.lk

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